Pavilion of Sultan Adil Teachers and Cultural Center

Pavilion of Sultan Adil Teachers and Cultural Center

Approximately 200 years ago by Sultan Selim III .

“>Selim I (1798-1807) and his mother Valide Sultan Mihrişah ( öl.1805 ) of land located on the outskirts of Çamlıca to lodge a bond is built .

The property reigns of Sultan (1839-1861) switched on ; structure Bezmialem mother of Sultan ( öl.1853 ) is a gift . Bezmialem Sultan ; with domestic and foreign species of plants brought from the land translates into a modern botanical garden .

After his death , Altunizade Validebağ land become the property of the family . Altunizade Zühtü Ismail Pasha , a magnificent mansion built here in the 1860yıl . After a while, mansions , beauty affected by Sultan Abdulaziz (1861-1876) ‘ e bestows . Sultan Abdulaziz built the current structure yıktırıp mansion and his mother ( Pertevniyal ) Valide Sultan ( öl.1883 ) is a gift . Buildings, in 1863, Sultan Adil ( 1826-1899 ) is provided as a summer palace .

After the death of Sultan Adil structure , Rashad Sultan (1908-1918) ‘s third wife Darrüale Women’s settled , passed away in 1909, when the room structure is believed to be empty for a while .

During World War I for girls Dar_ül Orphan ( an orphanage ) ( 1916-1917 ) is connected to the regulated and the Ministry of Education .

In 1924 after the Republic Dar_ül Orphan closes and ” Validebağ City Yacht School” serves as .

Dar_ül Eytan empty for a while after the closure of the remaining structure to fall neglected and dilapidated condition ; In 1927, the Ministry of Education is converted to preventoriums – Validebağ . Preventoriums Mustafa Necati Bey’s initiative was put into service , the education of children treated with the care of teachers was well staffed discipline .

Before and after the Republic of Validebağ known as the Summer Palace or Palace of Validebağ 1933’l the structure after the year , the Summer Palace is called Sultan Adil .

In 1928 to increase the capacity of the pavilion , attic floor yıktırılıp solarium is in place .

In 1971 ; additional floors of the building demolition decision was taken due to attrition and non- pitched roof is made instead of the original .

Teachers Validebağ in 1973 with the opening of the hospital , convalescent home used as a summer palace of Sultan Adil remains out of service .

In 1991, Turgut Akan period on the proposal of Istanbul Director of Education , Teachers and Cultural Centre has decided to convert .

With a history of nearly one hundred and fifty years ( Validebağ ) Pavilion of Sultan Adil , historical and commemorative value in terms of the structure is one of the rare today . Resources that can be accessed on the structure of education services until today shows that gains weight . In this regard, it is important separate .

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