German Fountain

German Fountain

In Istanbul at Sultanahmet Square ` , ` Tomb of Sultan Ahmed Located opposite the historic fountain . Of the German Emperor . Wilhelm ‘s sultan and Istanbul is a gift . Made in Germany in 1901, is mounted in Istanbul instead . The style is neo- Byzantine is a fountain ; from the inside is decorated with gold mosaics .

German Fountain , Turkey to Istanbul three times in 1898, the emperor was dedicated to the memory of the second coming . On her first visit to the Ottoman army in 1889 allowing the sale of German rifle II. Wilhelm, a second visit to Istanbul Istanbul -Baghdad railroad had received the promise is given to the German company . This fountain was built to commemorate the visit by the German government , the emperor was organized starting from a pattern .

Fountain of Kaiser ‘s plans have drawn special adviser architect Spitta , Schoeller has undertaken the construction of Architects . In addition to the German architect Carlitzik’l Italian architect Joseph Antony worked on this project . The German government has regulated ago hippodrome area , occurred after the afforestation prepared in Germany where the primary was sitting on the fountain . In Germany, finished with marble and precious stones were brought to Istanbul by ship into pieces .

The construction of the fountain began in 1899 on 1 September 1900 , Sultan Mehmet II. Abdulhamid 25 cULus ceremony was planned to be grown . However, the construction of the fountain yetişmeyin by this date . II. Wilhelmina ‘s birthday with a grand ceremony on the 27 Ocak1901 fountain was inaugurated .

German fountain, nor what statuary fountains Ottoman fountain that is similar to Europe . Sited on a high base , an octagonal structure. On the water tank is located in a dome carried by eight columns . Columns on seatbelts , connect to each other in pandif has a medallion . Four in the green backdrop II . Abdulhamid monogram II on Prussian blue in the other four . Wilhelm icon being obstructed ” the letter W ” number I was put under .

Dark green column carried by a majestic dome fountain bronze inscription in German ” German Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1898 in the fall of the Ottoman ruler Majeed Abdul Hamid II before the visit of gratitude as a souvenir of this fountain built ” he writes .

There is a fountain of Ottoman inscriptions . In this inscription from the Department of the Ottoman Military Commander , also writer Ahmet Muhtar Pasha thuluth writing couplets written by Izzet Efendi .


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