Anadolu Hisar information about

Anadolu Hisar information about

Bayezid first fortress was built at the narrowest point of the Bosphorus . Goksu River between the sea and consisting of layers of limestone and shale are over the hill . Old sources ” Güzelhisar , is Güzelcehis , Didyma , is Yenicehis , Akhisar ” names are mentioned in the .

Byzantium via the Black Sea was built in order to prevent aid . Anadolu Hisar , the actual castle , inside the castle walls and consists of three towers . The main castle is a tower rising on a rectangular plan . Tower , covered with soil were placed on a high rock . Four floors of this tower, which is entered through a door located in the southwest today . If the inner castle walls 2-3 meters thick north-west and north-east of the main castle is surrounded by . There are four towers on . Inner door of the castle wall , the north tower is in the northeast . Strategically selected location expertly door , it is impossible to see the enemy coming from the west . Outside the castle walls, and a polygonal walls are very arched . Internal castle walls combine with the south-east and north-west ; is protected by three towers on . Some parts of the walls collapsed today in the south state. If towers , battlements from the body on the wall in the north , north- west and west, and the road environment dominated by cylindrical structures.

Anadolu Hisar has an important place in the Ottoman history . Bayezid , when defeated at the Battle of Ankara son Süleyman Çelebi was stored here for a while . During the reign of Sultan Murad Khan , the Crusaders on their way to stop the Hungarian army and the army has benefited from this fort in Rumelia pass . Sultan Murad Khan came here via Yalova , Çandarlı Halil Pasha , the Sultan has retained the opposite shore with artillery fire , although Papal and Venetian fleet had passed comfortably against the shore . Before the conquest of Istanbul Rumeli Hisar being built this fortified castle , fort throat so that the two were kept under control . Changes made by Sultan Mehmed II in 1452 , Anadolu Hisar on the strength of increased incredibly . Thus, in order to defend the castle made previously , the men of the throat , as transit transport , has also become the means of attack . At the castle, including 200 soldiers from all Kocaeli had starboard . Gunpowder stores, were located by the sea .

After the conquest of Istanbul city, from the Black Sea has been used to meet future attacks . Black Sea after passing completely under the domination of the Ottoman Empire (16th century) has lost its significance . However, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, extending up to the Strait of Russian Cossack raids had been utilized in meeting the Anadolu Hisar . Then thoroughly lost importance , with the wall of the fortress withstood a romantic wooden houses has become .

Anadolu Hisar , settlement area to be started during the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror . Sultan Mehmed here , a mosque was built by Sultan mahfill . Placed around the fortress before the soldiers then began to be occupied civilian population .

In 1928, the Kandilli some minor repairs were done by the Municipality . In 1991-1993 by the Ministry of Culture has made ​​some repairs . Today Anadoluhisarı , Fatih Municipality is located within the boundaries . There are no movable cultural assets in the castle .


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